Rape Fantasy Stories

Rape Fantasy Stories

WARNING: What we have here are rape fantasy stories. They deal with rape and torture of a non-consenting nature.

They are rape fantasy stories and must not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted.

Some rape stories contain younger characters, tales of incest, slavery, abuse, Christianity and other unspeakable acts against nature. Remember, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, they are NOT real people.

Rape and Torture Fantasy

These are rape fantasy stories. I, Alebeard, don't know how I can convey to you how important your understanding of this little point is. If you have any problem figuring that out, leave. No really. LEAVE.

In fact, I plan to go on for a bit about this pesky little fantasy and reality thing for just a few more moments if you please. You see, here's the thing, and I REALLY, REALLY wish to just sort of drive this point home.

The rape stories found here are fantasy. No really they are, and they are meant to be enjoyed as such, so if you're still fuzzy on the fantasy vs. reality bit, try a nice soothing slurpee, but please, don't read these rape fantasy stories. SEEK HELP!
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Mar 06 2020: - I dont update this area as much as I should. Stories are still updating though. Authors, can submit stories via emailing emma_soji@rppstories.com

Sep 18 2019: - AUTHORS: Please remember that stories will not make it through review if there are young characters or there is a pedo slant. Please save everyone time and send stories following this rule. Also, please include story codes. I can send if you need a copy of them. Please do send stories directly to emma_soji at rppstories.com thank you.

Aug 25 2019: - If you sent me a story in the last few months and it got missed- please resend.

Feb 23 2019: - Hey ya perverts! Say something in the comments to your favorite author about the stories you read and they might submit another one! Write something inspirational and I might put it up here in the news for all to see and read.. maybe ill show you my tits... stranger things have happened.

Last News
The Raid
This is a story about piracy in the first century BC. In a brutal raid on Sicilly a beautiful young girl is caught and ravished by brutal pirates who are forcing their way into her home.
Mar 18 2020
Passing The Torch
Blurb coming soon
Mar 18 2020
Managerial Enslavement
Manager disciplines and embarrasses the wrong employee. He ends up having her kidnapped and gang-raped and then given to a sex-slaver to be broken, trained, and sold.
Mar 17 2020
Helen is Sold
Helen, the narrators athletic and durable wife is abducted by traffickers for a weekend of abuse, rape and torture. Little does Helen know- her husband is there for the entirety and is profiting handsomely from her brutal agony.
Mar 16 2020
The Show
Man gets an invite to an underground rape show. Hope to see more of this in the future.
Mar 13 2020
Rape Tribe
Another story set in A Post-apocalyptic fantasy where a girl is captured by a military unit.
Mar 11 2020
The Predator - Drama Queen
The Predator: A series of stories involving a serial rapist who has a sadistic streak in him.: A series of stories involving a serial rapist who has a sadistic streak in him. He occasionally forces orgasm on a woman for humiliation, but in general he is vicious. There will be a series of stories in this thread, and I will always write them in the first person from his perspective.
Mar 09 2020
Open House
Realtor finds more than she bargained for in this dark tale.
Mar 07 2020
Young woman kidnapped by a slaver trying a new technique. Orgasmed to literal insanity before being sent to a hospital where, eventually she ends back in the hands of her tormentor.
Mar 06 2020
Rape Apocolypse
Woman captured by a group of soldiers in this futuristic rape fantasy.
Mar 05 2020
Tessa thinks her mentor Marcia is going to help her turn her life around, but Marcia has more sinister things in mind.
Mar 03 2020
A man with a Teacher fetish abducts a snotty student teacher and gives her some very hard lessons
Feb 12 2020