Rape Fantasy Stories

Rape Fantasy Stories

WARNING: What we have here are rape fantasy stories. They deal with rape and torture of a non-consenting nature.

They are rape fantasy stories and must not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted.

Some rape stories contain younger characters, tales of incest, slavery, abuse, Christianity and other unspeakable acts against nature. Remember, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, they are NOT real people.

Rape and Torture Fantasy

These are rape fantasy stories. I, Alebeard, don't know how I can convey to you how important your understanding of this little point is. If you have any problem figuring that out, leave. No really. LEAVE.

In fact, I plan to go on for a bit about this pesky little fantasy and reality thing for just a few more moments if you please. You see, here's the thing, and I REALLY, REALLY wish to just sort of drive this point home.

The rape stories found here are fantasy. No really they are, and they are meant to be enjoyed as such, so if you're still fuzzy on the fantasy vs. reality bit, try a nice soothing slurpee, but please, don't read these rape fantasy stories. SEEK HELP!
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Last News
Story edited and replaced- This file also contains a new chapter (Marlene's Interlude 1). The first chapter about the a gang of three home invaders and the police investigator who tracks them down.
Nov 13 2018
A man’s obsession with upskirts leads him to an unexpected place.
Nov 13 2018
Staffing the Steel Animal Clinic: Hannah
A lonely young women hopes that a job with animals will cure her blues, but she is in for a surprise.
Nov 13 2018
The Perfect Score
A young and very pretty Trophy Wife attracts the attention of a sexual predator.
Nov 08 2018
A man with a teacher fetish abducts and abuses a high school drop out and enjoys her charms for 3 days
Sep 26 2018
Inspired by the infamous Darkranger's story Agony In Pink, an alien species realises that they need to find a weapon to protect itself against humanity, and discover torture. An innocent woman, Nadine, becomes their test subject.
Sep 21 2018
Too Bad for Toogood
A Mother shouldn’t slap around and beat a defenseless little girl in a parking lot. A couple of semi-retired black ops pros take revenge on Ms. Toogood, just for practice, and sadistic pleasure.
Sep 17 2018
That Fucking Belt
When the modern young woman of today looks at magazines and TV, she could be forgiven for thinking that the age of women’s liberation and achieving sexual equality were some real occurrence that made a big difference between the sexes. But this is a cautionary tale that shows that this is not exactly the case. Even now, under the surface most ordinary men treat women more like possessions, using them to show off their masculinity.
Sep 17 2018
Claim Jumpers Daughter
Wherein Sheriff Tate and his good Deputy Pork bring the full force of the law to bear on some miscreants, along with some help from Black Bart.
Sep 17 2018
Penny For Your Thoughts
Mind Control Adventure, several days of Rape, Torture and Humiliation Bob has an unfortunate accident, with unintended consequences for everyone he meets. His control is absolute and he decides to indulge in all of his fantasies.
Aug 29 2018
The Teacher: A is for Anna
A man with a teacher fetish abducts and abuses a young girl for two days taking her 3 virginities in the process
Aug 26 2018
Devil's Island
The story follows four women initially that are kidnapped and then trained as slaves and MORE!The story evolves to follow the white slavers and their leader.
Jul 30 2018