Rape Fantasy Stories

Rape Fantasy Stories

WARNING: What we have here are rape fantasy stories. They deal with rape and torture of a non-consenting nature.

They are rape fantasy stories and must not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted.

Some rape stories contain younger characters, tales of incest, slavery, abuse, Christianity and other unspeakable acts against nature. Remember, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, they are NOT real people.

Rape and Torture Fantasy

These are rape fantasy stories. I, Alebeard, don't know how I can convey to you how important your understanding of this little point is. If you have any problem figuring that out, leave. No really. LEAVE.

In fact, I plan to go on for a bit about this pesky little fantasy and reality thing for just a few more moments if you please. You see, here's the thing, and I REALLY, REALLY wish to just sort of drive this point home.

The rape stories found here are fantasy. No really they are, and they are meant to be enjoyed as such, so if you're still fuzzy on the fantasy vs. reality bit, try a nice soothing slurpee, but please, don't read these rape fantasy stories. SEEK HELP!
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Last News
The Walled Villa - Karen
Every repressive regime has its secret places; in this part of a certain South American country the security forces have a walled villa; a private place where things can be done away from the public gaze. This is the first of four stories concerning the misfortunes of some of those unfortunate enough to be invited to the walled villa.
Sep 26 2014
Men in Black
This story proves that sometimes clothes DO make the Man.
Sep 23 2014
Chelsea has a disagreement about the price of her repairs with the mechanics' shop. unfortunately she finds herself unable to compromise and is forced into bondage and slavery by her unsavory new owners.
Sep 19 2014
The humiliation and degradation of a mature woman by one of her female staff.
Sep 15 2014
European Nightmare
Three English schoolgirls are abducted whilst on a trip to Germany with school. There they are abused, raped and tortured at the hands of a sadistic trio with cruelty beyond what they could possibly imagine. However, this is far from the work of a rogue group of sick perverts, but part of a much wider and altogether more sinister operation.
Sep 08 2014
Cindy and Company
Cindy is the queen of her high school, but her home life is a different matter. When she turns down a date with a nerdy fellow student, she has no idea what she's starting. (Incest fans will enjoy.)
Sep 08 2014
The Wonderful Brassiere
Sarah's enforced wearing of a painful garment provides an evening of entertainment for her father and his friends. Incest is always best!
Sep 08 2014
I Accuse
In the early 1970s South America was in turmoil, with military juntas taking control in a number of countries. This is the testimony of one victim, naming and accusing her torturers in the hope they will be brought to justice.
Sep 08 2014
This is just part one in a long story line. this installment is told from the perspective of the rape victim, though I am toying with the idea of telling it from her rapists perspective in further installments. This debut involves her being bound, gagged, tortured and repeatedly raped. As the story progresses in further installments her rapist will become increasingly more sadistic in his tortures as well as subjecting her to brutal gang bangs.
Sep 01 2014
Trippin in Texas
I was just drivin' home, down a virtually empty Texas backroad highway when I saw her holding that sign.
Aug 13 2014
Men's Club
A teenaged girl who is under the control of her stepfather. This first part is about when he introduces her to a friend for the first time and she receives a training punishment.
Aug 12 2014
Rich People Pay
Sometimes dinner parties don't go the way you expect.
Jul 26 2014