Author information and Story submission guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a story please read ALL of the information below.
This will make the process easier and smoother for authors as well as Emma. =)

Stories should be non-consensual and/or torture oriented. Regular BDSM stories are great,
but this site is specific and we really can't accept lighter stuff.

Stories should be sent in .txt or word 6.0, word95 and word97 format.

When you email me your submission PLEASE include something in caps re: RPP STORY SUBMISSION.

INCLUDE a one or two line synopsis of what your story is about, and choose the appropriate
codes from the list ---->
here <---- Include these codes with your synopsis in the body of the email. The story should be attached, not included in the body.

When possible, use a previous email if you have a valid author account already, so that I can easily check your login status and keep it updated

Six FULL page minimum, but please don't simply try and churn out 6 pages for free membership.
Develop your characters and complete the story to its fullest for best results.
Ill send it back if it seems like a rushed work.

Stories should be spell and grammar checked before submission. Only quality stories will be accepted.

If you want a link to your email on your story for comments or feedback, add it at the top or bottom of your story.

P lease state in your email: Your age, weather or not you are the original author of the submission.
We prefer original tales you have written yourself.

The NO snuff or mutilation rule has been broken, but I really prefer is isn't.
Branding, piercing and such is great, tearing off arms isn't ok.

NO small children, or blatant pedo. We have recently upped the minimum age to 16.

Writers wanting some fantastic tips should check this article out. The Standard Deviations of Writing.

Benefits and How it works

Get some feedback on your writing if you allow an email link

All stories submitted will not be accepted, RPP has gained its reputation by archiving only quality stories.
A submission does not guarantee a membership, but any story of quality will be accepted
and any accepted story will provide a membership.

The authors membership has several levels. Most stories accepted will be good for at least a 3 to 6 month membership

Some Stories will be worth a years membership to the site. Depending again on size and quality.

Authors who have contributed a large, well written tale or send in regular contributions, will get a lifetime membership. This offer is for those who write original works.